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Founded in 1949, Gas-Fired Products, Inc. (GFP) currently manufactures and markets a wide variety of gas-fired heating products from its facilities in both the U.S. and Europe. Products include: infrared gas space heating equipment for the commercial, industrial and residential garage markets, tobacco curing systems and poultry/agricultural heating products.
Our industrial/commercial product lines are designed and custom configured for applications ranging from warehouses to large and small manufacturing plants and facilties; from large and small garage shops to loading docks, construction sites, sports facilities, open air restaurants and more.
Our BulkTobac product line consists of furnaces, heat exchanger conversion kits and accessories, marketed worldwide to the tobacco curing market.
We also manufacture and market a complete line of poultry/agricultural heating products to poultry equipment distributors serving both domestic and international poultry and pig farmers.
At GFP our goal is to design, manufacture and market safety certified, reliable and energy efficient gas heating products that will stand the test of time.
Gas Fired Products, Inc. also has two wholly owned subsidiaries:  Gas Fired Products (UK) Ltd and SunStar® Heating Products, Inc. To view these two subsidiaries, please click on the name above.
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